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Regal & Dignified

Meet Apple. I rescued this 6 yr old special boy from the feral room at the South LA city high-kill shelter. He had been in the room for 2 months with no stimulation, no sunlight, no visits from volunteers (they are not allowed in the feral room) no toys and no sounds. His notes stated that he often would lay in his own diherrea and urine. When I heard his story I knew I had to get him out, feral or not.

I picked him up at the end of January 2023. Apple was definitely anti social and would spend most of his time under a big cozy chair. He has no teeth so his little tongue often hangs out of his mouth. Apple was taken into the shelter as a stray, but usually when cats have no teeth it is because someone cared enough about them to get them removed due to a dental disease. Only Apple knows his story previous to being with us.

Over the past few months Apple has been steadily progressing and becoming more social. He now will come out from under the chair when you are in the room. He will eat in front of you and use the litter box in front of you with no issues. He will let you put treats in front of his face without swatting, but most of the time he hisses if you get too close and does not allow pets. We know that in time Apple will become a lover boy and enjoy attention - his progression has shown that. He seems to simply be angry for all of the things he has been through, and will take some more time to warm up.

Are you the person who has the patience and understanding to allow Apple to come out of his shell in his own time? He is currently living in a 10x12 room and would love to get out into a larger space. He gets along with other cats and kittens. Remember that all adoptions through Blue Cat start with a foster period, which can be as long or short as you like. Can you give Apple a chance to be the king of your home and best friend?

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