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It's Catman!

I rescued Catman from the West LA city shelter. He was scheduled to be euthanized due to bad behavior. He was previously surrendered to the shelter by his owner due to "allergies". Often cats who were previously owned get reactive at the shelter as it is a new and scary place. Poor boy. I knew I had to give Catman a chance.

Catman is the sweetest most loving boy. He head-butts with passion and force, showing his love. He loves head scratches and being held.

This 3 yr old sweet boy recently got a severe ear infection which has taken over a month to treat. During that time he has had the cutest head tilt and has taken his daily 2x ear drops like a champ. Catman is living in a 10x12 room and has been around a lot of other cats all of which he has gotten along with for the most part. (There was one episode where he was being bullied for a short time.)

Catman is looking for his forever home where he can feel wanted, which he was not at his previous home. He is the sweetest most unique cat, with the cutest voice. He needs a home in which he can cuddle up on a couch and finally relax. Text me for more pics and video of Catman! 314-287-0748

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