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He's a prince

Leo wants to be everyone’s best friend. He must be next to you at all times. Beware tho, he does get a little jealous when other cats come around and steal your attention. He is outspoken with the sweetest voice when he is hungry. Mr Personality puts it mildly for this cute pink-nosed 1 year old gentlemen. Leo would be great with kids and especially loves dogs! In fact, Leo needs to go to a home with other pets. He would be sad if he didn't have a furry sibling to play with.

Leo is as cute as it gets! Just look at his pink nose. He is a super sweet young man who was abandoned by his previous family at the East Valley shelter along with his brother. His brother was adopted from the shelter and Leo was left behind. When we took him in his spirits were down but he has now grown to be loving and as sweet as ever.

He is a cow cat! Just look at his beautiful markings. He will come to you again and again asking for love and pets. He rubs his head on your hand to show you how much he loves and appreciates you.

Leo prefers your lap when it is time to rest and loves to purr. Can you give this young man a chance? He would love to have a family of his own again.

Email me for more pics and videos. I'll respond right away. :)

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